What is Eclipse?

When you use Eclipse or any IBM tool built on Eclipse (Websphere Studio Application Developer), you work in the Eclipse workbench using its features and all the “plugin” tools included. It has a generic set of development services that can be used by any plug-in tool and includes a built-in Java Development Tool plugin.

What is Eclipse-Plugins.info?

Find your plugin here.

March 08: New promotion launches, win a free gift

We’re starting a new promotion today. Also everyone could win a free gift – the Best Gaming Mouse¬†on the market.

May 22: Yoxos promotion extended

We missed the “deadline” to start the new promotion today. The Yoxos promotion will be extended till tomorrow.


May 11: Hurry hurry, JDJ article

If you happen to be a writer (or dreaming of becoming a writer) this might be your chance, join Ed Burnette (www.eclipsepowered.org) to group-write an article for JDJ.
Hurry, 4 days left….
JDJ article group-think


May 11: new promotion

Check out the new promotion for Yoxos.


May 8: promotion winners

Go find out if you are among the ten winners of the ThinStructure DB Studio Enterprise promotion!


May 1: Have a look at the promotions

As you might have noticed (see the banner at the top) we are running product promotions for the commercial plugins. Over the last year we’ve been running 26 promotions (each promotion running for two weeks), some more detailed numbers:

number of promotions: 26
number of winners: 108
number of winners
that didn’t collect
their prize:
total value of prizes
given away:
$ 14,370.00 !

Wow that’s staggering, almost $ 15K ! A big thanks to all the companies that took part in our promotion program!

Oh, almost forgot: most numbers for promotions run look great:
banner impressions: between 220,000 and 475.000
clickthroughs: between 150 and 670

However the number of subscribers/contestants to the promotions seems to decline, for the last months it’s not uncommon to see only about 150 contestants.
So let me give you a little advice: subscribe to the promotions! It doesn’t hurt (we don’t turn subscriber data over unless you are picked as a winner) and you have a real change of winning a nice plugin!

We are currently running a promotion for ThinStructure DB Studio Enterprise

Feb 27: Energey promotion extended

I’m extending the Energey for at least a day, please check again tomorrow to see if you are in the winners list.


Dec 28: EclipseCon 2005.

Don’t forget to register early
for EclipseCon 2005


Dec 5: The new platform/server is great

The site has been running on the new server for over two weeks and it’s working great! The new server is fast and I especially love the new feature that allows me to control (start/stop/reload) this sites’ Tomcat context. Thank you JavaServletHosting.com people!


Nov 14: Moving servers

The site is being moved to a new server. It will take some time before the DNS changes propagate, so have fun with our new ip-address (and the new server..)


Oct 30: Job opportunity

This might be your next dreamjob!
Global Currency eXchange seeking eclipse plug-in/RCP developers: New York City – Jersey City
read more


Oct 24: Would you believe that! More spam…

While I was coding the stuff to prevent the “comment spam” I was contacted about “real spam” involving our site:
One of the plugins listed here was spamvertised, a link to the plugin’s entry on our site was included as well…. To counter the spam I moved the plugin to a new url (= changed id) and a “this url was spammed” message is shown on the original url.

It’s amazing to see what people will do to promote their own/favorite product and/or damage a “competing” product (It’s allways hard to tell what is going on: promotion or damaging). We’ve seen it all here: rating abuse, comment abuse, click abuse and now we can add spam to the list as well.

For all the abuse guys/girls out there that happen to be reading this: You stink and I hope you will hurt your toe!


Oct 24: Comment spam protection

Did you see those You might be interested … comments? Xavier and I kept removing those comments and hoping the spammer would go away. Well the spammer (or his bot) wouldn’t leave…
Today I’ve put a spam protection mechanism in place, let’s see if this helps.