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Notepad is a free text-only editor offered by the Windows operating system. It is a worthy tool for the users who perform simple and quick editing and note-making as it requires very few system resources and processor space. The maximum file size which can be opened in notepad is 2 MB and files are stored in .txt format. Only basic text editing and formatting functions can be done using notepad such as font size, search and replace, margin, header and footer, print previews, etc. It supports left-to-right and right-to-left languages and minimum user interface. Just sit down on your best gaming chair and get it on.

Plenty alternatives

The functionality of Notepad is limited when you compare it with other text editors which are more powerful and a bit difficult to learn. But they will undoubtedly enhance your experience. There are many modern text editors from other sources, starting with WordPad, MS DOS Editor to third-party source code editors like Notepad++, TED Notepad etc.


Microsoft WordPad is a more advanced editor than Microsoft Notepad, combining almost all the features of NotePad, and improvisations such asthe ability to open a variety of file formats, coloring, and better user interface. It is compatible for working on tablets and smart phones, but has the main limitation that graphic files are not supported.


Notepad++, developed by Don Ho, is a highly useful editor for users working with programming languages as it supports several programming and mark-up languages and working with multiple windows at a time using tabbed interface. Some of the noteworthy features are data comparison, speech synthesis, spell-checker, split-screen editing, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) browsing, macro-recording, syntax highlighting and folding, autocompletion, etc. It can automatically detect or you can manually select the programming language. This free text editor is popular since being a highly advanced text editor, it still uses fewer system resources and comes with many useful plug-ins.

Vi Improved (Vim)

The plus point of this free source code editor is that its interface is commendable both as command-line interface from the user and as graphical user interface. Vim also provides the user with various options to customize the interface like macros and plug-ins. Vim combines many features available in Notepad++ such as folding, spell-check,  SSH, FTP, and HTTP browsing, split editing, tabbing, multi-language support, syntax highlighting, etc to name some. Vim is available for a variety of operating systems including Windows, Linux and Apple Mac and provides system rescue environment.


Popularly known as the ‘text editor for the 21st century’, GitHub’sAtom is another free source code editor which supports integrated development environment for software programmers. It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and comes with handy plug-ins, free software licenses and customizable packages.

GNU Emacs

Emacs, developed by Richard Stallman is a free extensible self-documenting text editor, capable of opening multiple human languages and character sets. It is a powerful editor in which the user can combine more than 2000 inbuilt commands into macros for automating work. There are extensions to manage files, outlines, RSS feeds and emails. This rich version of Emacs has many shortcuts and modules enabling programming (including interactive) to non-programming tasks like planning project, news reading, word processing etc.

The above listed are among the best free source code text editors. There are numerous paid text editors which are almost equally powerful like UltraEdit, Sublime Text, Coda, TextMate, and lots more. Which one is the best, is ultimately the choice of the user based on the application and requirements across different platforms.

Version 1.0.0

Apache Directory Studio (formerly known as LDAP Studio) is a complete directory tooling platform intended to be used with any LDAP server however it is particularly designed for use with the Apache Directory Server. The following plugins are available: an LDAP Browser Plugin, a Schema Editor Plugin and a Configuration Plugin for ApacheDS.

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