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JEasyTest is an Eclipse IDE plugin created to simplify unit testing of code that is hard to test using standard mock objects frameworks, as for example code using legacy code. JEasyTest uses AspectJ load-time bytecode modification “to inject mock invocations” (constructor and static method invocations) where we could not using standard mock object tools (this technique is also known as Virtual Mock Objects).

JEasyTest has been thought to be integrated with existing mock objects framework to overcome some of their limitations. Throughout a literate API, the border between the code under test and test almost disappears and the concept of endo-testing is moved a step ahead: testing context, and only it, becomes a privileged environment from where we can set expectations as we were inside the code to be tested.

In JEasyTest the bytecode of our classes is modified only at runtime just before test running, without any possibility that production code might contain unwanted testing code. Thanks to the Eclipse plugin nature, JEasyTest usage of AspectJ is completely hidden and it happens behind the scenes while we are writing tests.

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