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Version 0.8.0

This is the syntax highlighting plugin for Eclipse platform. It supports more than 100 languages, has many powerful features and great number of syntaxes. It allows to highlight languages with nested construction (jsp, asp, php), has powerful XML languages support. It validates and shows most XML syntax errors on the fly, allows to highlight and find errors in structured XML languages (XML Schema, XSLT, XSLFO, DocBook, RelaxNG and others). This edition includes new feature of paired syntax constructions highlighting (C/Java brackets, XML/HTML tags and so on…). Also now it works with JDK 1.3 and includes native library both for Windows and Linux platforms.

Updated EclipseColorer to 0.8.0: New editing features supported: Folding, Annotations, line word wrapping, extended preferences and many other improvements.

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added: Mar 1, 2003
modified: Mar 9, 2007
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