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Have you heard of the smart speakers’ war or have you been living under the rock? The latest gadget to hit the IT world is the smart speaker, though there are the best gaming headsets 2017. Agreed that Amazon Echo has been there first but now it has to face stiff competition from Google Home, Lenovo smart assistant and Apple’s Siri to name a few.

It is almost a surreal experience to have a gadget respond to your queries and help around with small chores like play music and control other smart devices.

Right now it is a tough choice for the consumer between Google Home and Amazon echo; two titans pitted against each other. We have reviewed both under various heads to help make the choice easier.

If looks matter then Google home wins

It is almost the battle of good vs. evil with Google home featuring a plain white body while Echo is characterized by a black structure. Of course, in this case there is no one good and no one evil; it is the battle between equals or more precisely almost equals.

The home is more stylish, has a base that can be exchanged for one that suits your interiors and has a touch top; in short it has a better aesthetic value when compared to the black column, albeit Amazon Echo.

Portability is in favor of Amazon

The battery base on the Echo ensures once the device is charged you can place it anywhere you want. Whenever the device is low on charge a green light will flash on the base and you need to return the echo to the base to recharge. But that is not the case with the Google Home; it is limited by its tether to an outlet. This means that your showpiece can’t be kept anywhere where there is no power outlet. Of course, the makers claim it is better for the sound quality but in reality that is not the case.

An intelligent companion

The Alexa, the Amazon assistant and the Google Assistant are immensely capable and can answer questions and play music. Alexa can in fact integrate with your home music system and control it even. Google home can’t do that, not yet.

But Home scores over the Amazon echo; it has the ability to retain information from previously asked questions and provide appropriate answers when further probed. This feature is sorely missing in Alexa.

You cannot dictate notes to either Alexa or Google assistant yet. One more drawback in these two smart speakers is that they cannot string commands. You have to give individual commands.

Multi-account option

One Amazon Echo for one household will suffice because you can conveniently switch between users on the Echo. Each member can have their own profile and listen to their choice of music. Google home on the other hand does not have this facility yet. You can configure the device to only one account.

Thus, we see that it is a close race between the two giants with the Amazon having a slight edge because of its ability to sync with third party accessories and better performance. Otherwise, pricewise too there is not much difference between the two; Google is priced at $129 while Amazon at $179. It is a matter of time before Google catches up and at that point it is going to be really tough to choose between the two.

Version 1.6.1 for Eclipse 3.2 and 3.3 ( see Comments Section of the plugin)

The goal of the project is to provide a Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS) plugin for the IDE Eclipse from the www.eclipse.org project. The plugin should be weel integrated in the IDE environment and provide good support for all daily VSS operations. they are available in the files section only http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=54205 Notes: * Some updates in the Compare Dialog * Some updates in the Team Project Set Import/Export * 3.1 RCx Support * Some bugfixes

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