What Is Windows 10 App Connector?

So once you get your PC or laptop installed with Windows 10, and as you fidget your way through it, you might encounter this one application called, “App Connector”. Now this application seems to have a default access to your location, camera, contacts, calendars and other personal information. Unless you disable the access, this ‘App Connector’ it has full admittance to all your details.

Strangely enough, Microsoft has not provided any particular explanation or relevance of this app. And systems seem to work perfectly fine even after disabling the permission. The following tutorial is presented by the best gaming desks.

Can App Connector misuse your personal information?

This is the oddest part of the app! There is no known application that essentially requires this ‘App Connector’ settings to be on nor have there been any known incidents reported with it.

If you wish, you can easily withdraw permission of access of the app. All you have to do is open the Settings, and choose the ‘Privacy’ option. You will then see the App Connector option with a default setting of access to your information. You can disable that and experience no changes in your system.

Is it possible to Uninstall the App Connector?

If you are uncomfortable with a mysterious app on your system, it is easy to uninstall it too. Simply open the App Connector option in the Settings and choose ‘Uninstall’. And you will still find your system just as before.

This is proof enough that the app doesn’t have any important or specific use, else Microsoft would not let you uninstall it. Applications like Xbox app and others cannot be uninstalled as Microsoft doesn’t provide that option. This is because these apps are important for the operating system, which isn’t the case with App Connector.

What could possibly be the motive behind this app?

Though no concrete answers are available, there are many theories that support the very existence of the App Connector. None of them have been backed by Microsoft, but App Connector could possibly be interrelated with MS Azure which is Microsoft’s cloud server service. Like OneDrive and Office 365 connectors. These applications need access to your pictures or location to know which country you are in. This is because, some services have limitations according to the location for which they can provide service.

It could also be a third party involvement. But the question as to, how can a third part overtake all norms and gain access rather than have their own permission?

These theories get even more confusing, because your system remains unchanged, even after you have uninstalled the app.

What is the final take on the existence of the App Connector?

This remains an unanswered mystery! Microsoft has no solid answer for, why App Connector exists. As the name suggests, ideally the App Connector must be essential for some connection with some app? But it isn’t so.

So finally, it is completely an individual decision, as to what you wish to do with this app. If you don’t mind it, it can very well be on.

Or you can simply, curtail its encroachment into your personal information by disabling the access. And if you simply can deal with the existence of an unnecessary app, you can easily uninstall it.

No matter what you do, your system will continue to function as it did. So until we find its exact use, App Connector remains a mystery.