Is Data Lake Essential for Big Data

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A well formatted, structured and neatly presented data is all we need to incorporate in the reports and analysis we do for the organization. Today many company are investing on talent pool that will do all the ground work, research Analysis and present information to the data base of the company, that is in use to source ,for the necessary reporting and metrics has increased double fold for organizations. The need for such advanced, analyzed data is required for the in-depth understanding of the tools and the software that will be used for data mining and use the well-structured information as useful data research.

Big Data analysis is important for organizations to analyze, attempt to see newer trends in the market, de-clusterize data and help the clients to take informed decisions that will affect their business in the long term.

The different types of analysis that encourages the big data to use the data lake pool of information, can be analyzed through different techniques

  • on a business case as simple as why the network broke off while you were hosting an important business meeting, will need the big data analytics to understand the root cause, elaborate the situation, time and the bandwidth used , the cause of network break, the number of instances that has happened in the past and what was the diagnosis on that particular case study will be all a part of the big data descriptive analysis,
  • the root cause of the above example given about network issue, cab be sourced through the raw data available in the data lake that will have scores of information about how often there is a network issue, will be more or less a diagnostic analysis
  • with the application of AI and machine learning, the software will give a warning at least well in ahead of the meeting about the probability of a network issue crop up due to the weak signals or trades executed in the Bitcoin Trader, software, as we readthe complexity of the data becomes simpler and more predictive
  • The process of aiding and helping beyond the business case and arrive at a prescriptive analysis is with the use of Big data, that is integral part in every company

The more we gain knowledge with self-research and solution that will be in raw form will all be out there in data lake. The future of the high-level analysis will be extremely useful for predicating new trend that will sustain the business and organization.